BJ the Clown

Mimi founded Klown Kapers Inc in 1983 after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Florida State University (1977) along with her Florida Teachers Certification in Secondary Level Drama Education (1978). Mimi created a character (BJ the Clown) in honor of her two small children, Benjamin and Julie Rose. Mimi traveled from one show to the next, building her clientele for many years while also teaching full-time drama classes and mentoring individuals. BJ the Clown became quite popular (and well requested) in the area, being the only service provider of this kind for decades. Services that include, Clowning, Story Telling, Puppetry, Face painting, Ballooning, Quick Sketch, DJs, Magicians, Character Actors, Henna, Temporary Air Brush Art, Juggling, Fire Performances, Sing-a-grams and so much more!

Rosie the Clown

Julie has been a children’s entertainer since she was a child herself! Being the daughter of BJ the Clown, Julie has been performing with BJ’s Party House since the early 90’s. Julie became more involved with face and body painting in 2002 where she would regularly attend face and body art conventions each year and also became an instructor for 5 years. Julie trains all of the face paint artists that come to BJ’s Party House in technique, hygiene and products as well as how to interact with large crowds. In addition to being a BIG part of her family business, Julie was also a preschool teacher for 12 years as well as a dance teacher of tap and ballet for young children for the past 15 years. You can find Julie at large festivals and events such as Springtime Tallahassee, Lemoyne Arts Festival, Northside Get Downs and the North Florida Fair!



Tiffany has been working with us since 2015. She has always enjoyed painting, drawing, and makeup artistry. She especially loves drawing cartoons and anime characters. When presented with the opportunity to work with art at BJ’s, she was excited to join our team! Tiffany has learned face painting and henna tattoo techniques under our professionals and later had the opportunity to study under other professionals at Face and Body Art conventions. Working with BJ’s allowed her to work with children and art, and nothing makes her happier than seeing someone smile because of her work. Tiffany enjoys dressing up in colorful clown-y Rainbow outfits, as a Fluffy Purple and Blue Monster, or even a beautiful Vampire Countess (during Halloween). She loves the opportunity to go to tons of different events and parties to brighten up someone’s day!



Ashlee aka Lovejoy the Clown has been working with BJ’s Party House for five years and still counting! Face painting is truly one of the best parts of her life as she truly loves it! Not only giving joy to little ones but also have the ability to give that same joy to adults through this unique art form. Being a clown is her primary go-to, but she can also be other characters such as Minnie, Princess Tianah, Spider-Girl, Bat Woman, Doctor McStuffins, and Umah from Descendants. Ashlee has extensive experience working with kids as she is also a preschool teacher.



Lauren is a professional face painter, balloon artist, singer, and character actress who has been with BJ's Party House since 2014. She is currently available for digital appearances (i.e. Zoom) as the Snow Queen or Lola the Clown. Lauren can also do tarot card readings! Lauren has been with us for 6 wonderful years and has moved away from Tallahassee in pursuit of her Ph.D. in psychology. We wish her the best as she continues to do this kind of work from afar.



Justin has been a part of the BJ’s Party House family since summer 2018. Justin specializes in performance and child character-building exercises! As a performer, his talents include singing, dancing, and acting. In the company, some of his top roles are Spiderman and Black Panther. This versatile artist works great with kids because of his bubbly outgoing energy. If you need a showstopper then look no further this guy has it all!


DJ Sleepy

DJ Sleepy has been a DJ for over 10 years mastering the art of mixing, blending, and scratching all genres of music ranging from country, rap/r&b, pop, and for the kids the wonderful Kidz bop tunes! Dj Sleepy has performed in large crowds such as FSU’s Downtown Getdown, FSU’s stadium Block Party every game day just before kickoff, and many company events and birthday parties with the wonderful performers of BJ’s Party House. Dj Sleepy has been an educator in Gadsden County for over 5 years ranging from elementary to high school also working with students in Gadsden County’s 21st Century Program.



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Ceil the Mime

Kathryn became a creative consultant and partner of Klown Kapers Inc. after having auditioned for and building a fan base for this Corporation by 1990. Kathryn is a well-known performer as “Ceil the Mime” throughout North Florida and Georgia. Through this character, Ceil has provided hundreds upon hundreds of stage, street, school, mall, church, legislative, private, and broad public event performances in her 38 years in the business. Ceil is the consummate versatile artist with expertise in Signing, puppetry, photography, face painting, character acting, balloon sculpting, dancing, modeling, and more! Ceil specializes in special event decor and design from tabletop decorating ideas to exotic balloon decor and design in the form of Giant Arches, Columns, and Flower. Ceil’s passion and her work is unparalleled in our area!!

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Melissa is a visual arts student at Florida State and has been with BJ's Party House for one year. Melissa is also a character actress that can portray several popular princesses and classic characters. Because of her art background, she has picked up face painting quickly and has also landed a few mural projects here in Tallahassee. Melissa has had the pleasure of painting hundreds of adorable faces and posing for so many cute pictures with children of all ages! More recently, you'll find her drawing custom coloring pages and delivering gift baskets in popular costumes such as mermaids and princesses. Melissa says the best part about working with BJ's is making kids feel happy and special. She also loves kids' creativity and collaborating with them to make their awesome ideas happen!



Rachel is a talented artist that joined BJs Party House in the Summer of 2019. Rachel is a recent graduate of FSU's art department and she learned face painting quickly through our in house training sessions. Rachel's favorite part of the job is seeing everyone's smiling faces after each event! Rachel is a chameleon and can portray all sorts of characters such as a fairy, a mermaid, a princess, or her clown persona Daisy Pop the Clown. Rachel can also be available as a muralist!



Dea is one of the many talented artists from BJs Party House and she can do balloon art, face painting, and airbrush tattoos! Dea has been in this type of work for 8 years now training, working, and helping on the sidelines as a children's entertainer. In addition to entertaining, Dea loves to paint and do arts and crafts as hobbies. Dea has been with BJ's Party House for almost a year and plans to continue making fun memories with her co workers and clients!


Robert is a talented and daring young fire performer who has graced BJ's Party House with his artistry for the past 7 years! Robert is a remarkable, experienced Katana (swords) and fire staff performer- in addition to being an awe-inspiring Fire Breather and instructor. Robert is also a master Wax Hands Machine technician whose expertise takes him to a large festival and fairs convention every fall.



Marcos has been on the team at BJ's Party House since Summer 2018. He is one of our house musicians and loves playing the drums and piano at various events. He has taught percussion and drumline at two high schools, as well as private lessons with young children. Marcos is a music student at FSU and is an extremely talented young man! His favorite event with BJ's so far has been the Children's Day At The Museum, where he plays along to some tunes with the drums and brings plenty of extra instruments for anyone to join in the fun! Kids love this activity, and he is always popular with the crowd wherever he goes! Marcos is also a character actor and stilt walker!



Cori grew up in Naples, FL, with a love and passion for cheerleading. She started competitive cheerleading at the age of eight on Naples Elite Allstars and continued competitive cheer for nine years. Her roles in cheerleading ranged from being a base in a stunt to a tumbler flipping across the stage or a flyer being tossed into the air. She has always loved being on stage and getting the rush from performing in front of a large audience. Currently, Cori coaches recreational cheerleading in Wakulla, where her daughter cheers. She enjoys teaching the fundamentals of cheer to young cheerleaders who share the same interest and passion for cheerleading. Cori is charismatic, energetic, friendly, and has a bubbly personality. Cori loves being a princess for BJ’s Party House and making children’s dreams come true!


Polka Dottie

Mary is a performer that usually performs as her Clown Persona — Polka Dottie. Mary is a passionate and talented balloon artist that loves to get into character and bring joy through her art. Mary has worked with the company for many years and has proven herself to be a reliable performer. At a very young age, she said she wanted to “be a clown” when she grew up, and that is just what she did! Mary has a lot of experience working with children, as well as with children and adults with disabilities. Mary is also a musician and occasionally is booked for gigs that involve playing an instrument. For example, during the holidays, she has repeatedly been booked for gigs where she dresses up as an elf and plays holiday songs on her guitar. Mary has a BIG fun-loving and friendly personality and adores working with the public through art and music.



Michael is a master artist and his story begins in Chairs-Capitola. A local of Tallahassee, Mike attended Chaires Elementary, Elizabeth Cobb Middle, and graduated from Lincoln High School. Mike has been drawing since his youth. He has always been fascinated with comic book art and has always attempted to draw his comic book hero. This is what led him to develop a love for art. Through the years, drawing just for fun, everyone encouraged him to do something with his talent, and he gravitated toward caricatures. Now he constantly practice and study to become better at the art of caricatures. Mike is a current member of the International Society of Caricature Artists, where he is in touch with colleges that help him to develop his skills further. Mike has been an artist at BJ's Party House for eight years, and we are proud to have him in our troupe!



Zion is a highschool student that has been working with BJ's Party House for two and a half years. However, she has always been involved with the family business as she is the granddaughter of BJ the Clown. Zion is a character actress, balloon twister, and a face painter in training. The more events that she attends the more she sees that the reason we do what we do is to put a big smile on the kids' faces! Zion's favorite character to portray is Cindi Lou Whoo during the holiday season. People say life's not a party, but when you are working for BJs Party House it is!



Neil is a master artist and has been working with BJ’s Party House for over three decades. Neil is an amazing quick sketch artist that specializes in portrait artistry. Neil is a former Disney quick sketch artist and can create fantastic oil paintings as well. He has a collection of over 150 oils canvas paintings that he has gallery showings of a few times per year. In addition, Neil is an expert sign creator and can also do fantastic mural artistry.



Allen's love for juggling and fire arts takes him back to his High School years learning from one of the best in Tallahassee at Sail High School! Now, as a well-seasoned performer, Allen has whetted his performance appetite for the past six years providing amazing LED juggling and Fire Performances with The Party House Pyros. Allen is well known for his fire Staff performances and his skilled juggling techniques



Arnold is an amazing one of a kind, versatile actor! From classic characters to those of his own design, Arnold is a master in the arts! Arnold's characters are always well researched and designed with attention to detail like none other! Arnold's vocal impersonations, impeccable dialect, and well-scripted shows make him a well sought out talent for a wide variety of venues! Arnold has graced many private and public events with his emcee expertise, his character interpretations, and his exciting temporary airbrush tattoo artistry. We celebrate seven years with Arnold's participation with BJs Party House performances.