We’re the grandson you call on to help you attach a photo to an e-mail.

Sitebolts is a team of tech nerds who spend their time thinking of ways to make your digital needs run like a well-oiled machine, and who will probably offer to set up your smart TV in their free time.

We’re full service.

We’re a swiss-army knife kind of company that can can prototype, build, and scale your application or site from inception to launch.

You don’t need to ask to speak to the manager.

We are straight-forward and transparent. You will work directly with our leadership team backed by our engineers, designers, and network of experts.

Our teams are tight-knit

Our teams are small and dedicated to their craft. We take our work seriously and believe in continuous improvement and pushing the envelope. It’s a simple formula, but it gets results.

We support our community.

We contribute to open source projects, hold workshops and meet ups, and make it our priority to take advantage of any chance to support our community of partners and supporters.

There are.... a lot of moving cogs in the Sitebolts machine, so listing all of them would be a bit more than you care to read. But at the very least, we can list the hooligans that are more responsible than most.

Noteable hooligans behind the typewriters:

Diego Veras


Diego is a Principal at Sitebolts and the larger Wayspire enterprise who specializes in technology commercialization, data science and cloud technologies

He has founded several ventures and consulted for clients of all scales, from early stage startups to multinational corporations. He leads all Sitebolts teams as a product manager and technical lead. You can find his writing at dverasc.github.io and on the Sitebolts blog.

Donoyvn Gantt

Software Engineer

Donovyn (aka Don) is a software developer with expertise in mobile app and front-end development in cloud native environments.

As one of the team’s lead developers, he is comfortable working across the stack in a wide range of frameworks, from React to Svelte. He is a consistent contributor to community projects and participates in workshops and meet-ups, both virtually and in person.

Kara Raya

Graphic Designer

Kara Raya is a multidisciplinary digital and traditional designer. Her work embodies the intersection between art and design. She operates as a graphic designer, 3D artist, and illustrator with specialties in UI Design and VR applications.

The root of her passion for design stems from a desire to solve problems, and the opportunity to create something beautiful as a tool to make lives just a little bit easier

Chris Rogers

Web developer

Chris Rogers is a seasoned PHP web developer dedicated to crafting robust and dynamic web applications. With a strong foundation in web development, Chris specializes in building solutions that are efficient and scalable.

From a programming tutor to a back-end PHP guru, Chris leverages his expertise to create secure and high-performing backend systems for a variety of clients and industries.

Madison Dodd

Marketing LEad

Madison (aka Madi) is a graphic designer, photographer and brand strategist who is passionate about using her creative skillset to execute visually compelling campaigns that bring stories to life.

As one of the team’s top creative voices, she consistently creates designs, assets, and campaigns that marry an eye for detail with an artists touch. She's also the only one who can translate our CEOs nonsense into real work.

Ocopus & Sherman

Chief Morale Officers

Yep, that's right. We put them on the website. You thought we were joking, but nope, it happend.

Crunch time means nothing to their soft squishy exteriors. Those cute button eyes can stare directly into your soul and are ready to snuggle any time. If anyone is ever feeling down or overworked, the morale officers are on the job. With a waddle and a jump, they're here to make sure everyone on staff is doing their best.

Our team is made up of industry pro’s across a variety of disciplines, along with our network of experts in research and academia. They fall into the following categories:


Experienced in the full software development lifecycle and site reliability across a variety of technologies and platforms.

Data Scientists

Analysts, researchers, and engineers comfortable creating pipelines, custom models, and big data systems at scale.


Subject matter experts who are ready to partner and advise decision makers driven by key insights and hands-on expertise.


UX and UI practitioners with backgrounds in research, interface design, and product development that can bring your ideas to life.
We believe that the most complex challenges require solutions that combine novel and innovative approaches with high reliability and security.
Diego Veras

What if we emailed you the secrets to the entire universe?

We wont, but that’d be cool, right?

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