Oh. Hey.

Sometimes we do some cool things.
Sometimes people write about the cool things we do.
If you're here, then that probably means we did something cool.
....or so horrifically bad that it ended up on the news.

Either way, here's where we stand on that;

-Follow our brand guide for appropriate uses of our logo on any posts or articles about our team.
-Don't not use the Sitebolts name or any logo in a way that suggests you are Sitebolts, your offering or project is by Sitebolts, or that Sitebolts is endorsing you or your offering or project.
-Do not modify the permitted logos including changing the color, dimensions, or combining with other words or design elements.).
-Do not use Sitebolts trademarks, logos, or artwork without our prior written permission.

Oop- that's all

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